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Disaster Exemption Calculator
Last Update: 06/05/2024
The results of this calculator are an estimate only and intended to assist property owners as they review the potential Damage Rating for an improvement.
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Homestead Cap Summary
Last Update: 06/13/2022
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Heirship Homestead Exemption
Last Update: 05/21/2021
New law unlocks property tax savings for inherited homesteads In 2019, a new Texas law (Senate Bill 1943) opened up important property tax savings for “heir property owners” — homeowners who have inherited their primary residence. First, the new law makes it easier for heir property owners to qualify for a homestead exemption, by creating clearer and more accessible application requirements. Second, once an heir property owner has a homestead exemption in place, they can now qualify for a 100% homestead exemption when the home has co-owners, rather than a partial exemption. Obtaining the full benefits of the homestead exemption is important because it can lower your property tax bill by hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. For those who are age 65 or older or have a disability, the homestead exemption provides additional benefits, such as the right to pay your taxes in installments without penalties. Read below for important information on how to qualify for these important property tax savings.
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Waiver of Special Appraisal for Municipal Utility Districts (MUD) or Water Control & Improvement Districts Assessments (WCID)
Last Update: 05/15/2015

If the owner (typically the developer) files a waiver under 23.20 of the Texas Property Tax Code, waiving special appraisal for the MUD or WCID taxing unit only, there will be two tax parcels for each affected property, until the January 1st ownership is in the name of the end-user (homeowner).

More details are contained within this download.