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Category: Commercial / Business Personal Property
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Downloads: 4,732
September 1 Inventory Appraisal Application
State Form Number: 50-164

A business may download this form to request September 1 appraisal for tax purposes.

Downloads: 5,213
Vehicle Personal Use Exemption Application
State Form Number: 50-759

Exemption Application For Vehicle Used to Produce Income and Personal Non-Income Producing Activities.

Downloads: 7,750
Freeport Exemption Application
State Form Number: 50-113

PDF form to file business personal property Freeport Goods. Applications must include the Freeport Exemptions Worksheet & Affidavit.

File Size: Filesize 975.51KB
Downloads: 47,394
BPP Rendition Form
Last Update: 01/08/2020
State Form Number: 50-144
CCAD File: CCAD-144

Download this form to file your rendition for your business personal property.

Downloads: 4,864
Aircraft Rendition Form
State Form Number: 50-159

Download this form to file an aircraft rendition for business personal property.

File Size: Filesize 284.49KB
Downloads: 4,288
Pollution Control Exemption Application
Last Update: 01/23/2013
State Form Number: 50-248
CCAD File: CCAD-248

This application is for use in claiming a pollution control property tax exemption pursuant to Tax Code, Section 11.31.

File Size: Filesize 101.29KB
Downloads: 15,904
BPP Depreciation Schedule
Last Update: 01/21/2020

Download Business Personal Property Depreciation Schedule. For best results, set Printer to Landscape.

File Size: Filesize 82.96KB
Downloads: 3,840
Freeport Entity Listing
Last Update: 03/23/2020

Listing of all entities in Collin County that grant the Freeport Goods Exemption.

File Size: Filesize 82.63KB
Downloads: 3,375
Goods-In-Transit Entity Listing
Last Update: 11/20/2019

Listing of all entities in Collin County that currently grant the Goods-In-Transit Exemption.

Per Texas Property Tax Code 11.253 6(j) The goods-in-transit remain subject to taxation by the taxing unit until the governing body of the taxing unit, in the manner required for official action, rescinds, or repeals its previous action to tax goods-in-transit, or otherwise determines that the exemption prescribed by Subsection (b) will apply to that taxing unit.

Downloads: 4,578
Dealer’s Motor Vehicle Inventory Tax Statement
State Form Number: 50-246

Form to file your report each month of Special Inventory sold vehicles.

Downloads: 3,972
Dealer’s Motor Vehicle Inventory Declaration
State Form Number: 50-244

Form to file your declaration of Special Inventory total yearly sales in the prior year.

Downloads: 3,826
Goods-In-Transit Application
State Form Number: 50-758

PDF form to file business personal property goods-in-transit.

File Size: Filesize 154.34KB
Downloads: 14,455
Affidavit of Fact Concerning Business Personal Property
Last Update: 12/17/2014
File Size: Filesize 319.42KB
Downloads: 2,684
Freeport Exemption Application Information, Worksheet, and Affidavit
Last Update: 04/03/2019

PDF form to file additional required documentation to complete Freeport Exemption Application.

Downloads: 998
Application for Allocation of Value
State Form Number: 50-147

PDF form to file for allocation of value.