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Category: Residential Exemptions
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File Size: Filesize 475.77KB
Downloads: 1,724,193
Residential Homestead Exemption Application
Last Update: 01/11/2024
State Form Number: 50-114
CCAD File: CCAD-114
Use this form to apply for any of the following:
Residential Homestead Exemption Application
Over-65 or Disabled Person
100% Disabled Veteran
Over-55 Surviving Spouse

Download this form to apply for a residential homestead exemption. Qualified applicants are owners of residential property, owners of residential property over 65, a surviving spouse of a person who received the over 65 exemption or those who meet the definition of disabled.

File Size: Filesize 33.28KB
Downloads: 7,810
Residential Homestead Heirship Affidavit
Last Update: 08/03/2020
State Form Number: 50-114-A (page 2)
CCAD File: CCAD-114-A2

If you have inherited your home and your home is your primary residence, you can qualify for a homestead exemption on the home as an “heir property owner.”  Attach the completed and notarized affidavit to your Residence Homestead Exemption Application for filing.

File Size: Filesize 115.84KB
Downloads: 90,909
New Homestead Exemption Requirements (House Bill 252)
Last Update: 09/03/2013
State Form Number: HB-252

New applications filed on or after September 1st, 2011 must comply with new requirements set by the Texas Legislature.

Downloads: 30,276
Disabled Veteran's Exemption Application
State Form Number: 50-135
Download this form to apply for a disabled veterans or survivors exemption. Qualified applicants are service related disabled veterans and surviving spouses or children of deceased veterans.
File Size: Filesize 98.06KB
Downloads: 15,208
Disabled Persons's Physicians Statement Form
Last Update: 01/30/2020
State Form Number: n/a
File Size: Filesize 642.88KB
Downloads: 6,353
Tax Ceiling Transfer Request
Last Update: 03/07/2023

Use this form for requesting to remove an Over-65/Disability exemption and transfer the tax ceiling to a new residence.

Downloads: 19,946
Tax Deferral Affidavit Form
State Form Number: 50-126