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History of Texas Appraisal Districts

Appraisal Districts were established in 1981, following passage of The Property Tax Code (SB 621) during the 1979 Legislative Session.

  • Legislation to restructure the property tax system was pushed by Representative Wayne Peveto and Senator Grant Jones.
  • Peveto's House version became law and thereafter was called the "Peveto bill".
  • 254 appraisal districts created.
  • 1982 was the first year for taxes to be levied on the basis of the appraised values provided by the newly created appraisal districts.
  • Eliminated duplicate appraisal of property by counties, school districts, cities and special districts.

The Property Tax Code has changed over the years. Since 1982 there have been more than 1,000 amendments, over 300 sections added and approximately 30 sections repealed.

In 1985 the State Property Tax Board (SPTB) estimated the state-wide market value at $831,000,000,000. In 2013 the Property Tax Division (PTD), in their annual report, listed the state-wide market value at $2,323,438,268,851, increasing from $2,094,000,000,000 in 2012.

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