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Collin Central Appraisal District

Tax Rates and Exemptions

2021 Tax Year

EntityExemptions OfferedHS AmountOV65 AmountOV65 FreezeDP AmountDP FreezeM & O RateI & S RateTotal RateAssessor / Collector
Allen City (CAL)DP, FR, OV65$0 $50,000 $25,000 0.3687560.1012440.470000Collin County Tax Office
Allen ISD (SAL)DP, FR, HS, OV65$25,000$10,000Yes$10,000Yes0.9968000.4100001.406800Collin County Tax Office
Anna City (CAN)FR, OV65$0 $30,000 $0  0.4526310.1168690.569500Collin County Tax Office
Anna ISD (SAN)DP, FR, HS, OV65$25,000$10,000Yes$10,000Yes0.9603000.5000001.460300Collin County Tax Office
Bland ISD (SBD)DP, HS, OV65$25,000$10,000Yes$10,000Yes0.8720000.2400001.112000Hunt County Tax Office
Blue Ridge City (CBL)DP, OV65$0 $10,000 $10,000 0.4310810.0940650.525146Collin County Tax Office
Blue Ridge ISD (SBL)DP, HS, OV65$25,000$10,000Yes$10,000Yes0.9603000.5000001.460300Collin County Tax Office
Carrollton City (CCR)DP, FR, HS, OV6520.00% ($5,000 min)$60,000 $60,000 0.4428070.1396930.582500Denton County Tax Office
Celina City (CCL)DP, OV65$0 $30,000Yes$30,000Yes0.4293850.2156150.645000Collin County Tax Office
Celina ISD (SCL)DP, FR, HS, OV65$25,000$10,000Yes$10,000Yes0.9409000.5000001.440900Collin County Tax Office
Collin College (JCN)DP, FR, GIT, HS, OV651.00% ($5,000 min)$30,000Yes$20,000Yes0.0791000.0021220.081222Collin County Tax Office
Collin County (GCN)DP, FR, HS, OV655.00% ($5,000 min)$30,000Yes$20,000Yes0.1168360.0512510.168087Collin County Tax Office
Collin County MUD #1 (WCCM1)DP, FR, GIT, OV65$0 $10,000 $10,000 0.3500000.7000001.050000Utility Tax Service LLC
Collin County MUD #2 (WCCM2)FR, GIT$0 $0  $0  0.3300000.6700001.000000Collin County Tax Office
Collin County Road Dist (Trails Of Blue Ridge) (RDTBR)FR, GIT$0 $0  $0  0.1500000.0000000.150000Collin County Tax Office
Collin County WCID #3 (WCCW3)FR, GIT$0 $0  $0  0.2382000.7618001.000000Collin County Tax Office
Community ISD (SCO)DP, HS, OV65$25,000$10,000Yes$10,000Yes0.9603000.5000001.460300Collin County Tax Office
Dallas City (CDA)DP, FR, HS, OV6520.00% ($5,000 min)$107,000 $107,000 0.5658000.2075000.773300Dallas County Tax Office
Fairview Town (CFV)DP, OV65$0 $60,000 $60,000 0.2455360.1000440.345580Collin County Tax Office
Farmersville City (CFC)DP, FR, GIT, OV65$0 $10,000 $20,000 0.4645740.2474700.712044Collin County Tax Office
Farmersville ISD (SFC)DP, HS, OV65$25,000$10,000Yes$10,000Yes0.9603000.3930001.353300Collin County Tax Office
Frisco City (CFR)DP, FR, HS, OV6510.00% ($5,000 min)$80,000 $80,000 0.2952150.1513850.446600Collin County Tax Office
Frisco ISD (SFR)DP, FR, HS, OV65$25,000$10,000Yes$10,000Yes0.9972000.2700001.267200Collin County Tax Office
Garland City (CGA)DP, FR, HS, OV6510.00% ($5,000 min)$56,000 $56,000 0.3813650.3756000.756965Garland City Tax Office
Gunter ISD (SGU)DP, HS, OV65$25,000$10,000Yes$10,000Yes1.0186000.4500001.468600Grayson County Tax Office
Josephine City (CJO)DP, FR, GIT, OV65$0 $10,000Yes$10,000Yes0.4624390.0542580.516697Collin County Tax Office
Lavon City (CLA)DP, FR, GIT, HS, OV651.00% ($5,000 min)$20,000Yes$20,000Yes0.2599100.2190460.478956Collin County Tax Office
Leonard ISD (SLN)DP, HS, OV65$25,000$10,000Yes$10,000Yes0.9603000.0000000.960300Fannin Central Appraisal District
Lovejoy ISD (SLV)DP, HS, OV65$25,000$14,000Yes$10,000Yes1.0050000.5000001.505000Collin County Tax Office
Lowry Crossing City (CLC)DP, FR, OV65$0 $15,000Yes$15,000Yes0.1769840.0000000.176984Collin County Tax Office
Lucas City (CLU)DP, HS, OV658.00% ($5,000 min)$50,000Yes$50,000Yes0.1857430.1026540.288397Collin County Tax Office
Magnolia Pointe MUD #1 (WDRM1)FR, GIT$0 $0  $0  0.2900000.7100001.000000Collin County Tax Office
McKinney City (CMC)DP, FR, GIT, OV65$0 $65,000 $65,000 0.3455170.1521380.497655Collin County Tax Office
McKinney ISD (SMC)DP, FR, HS, OV65$25,000$10,000Yes$10,000Yes1.0067000.3700001.376700Collin County Tax Office
McKinney MUD #1 (WMM1)DP, FR, GIT, OV65$0 $5,000 $5,000 0.2350000.7950001.030000Utility Tax Service LLC
McKinney MUD #2 (WMM2)FR, GIT$0 $0  $0  0.9800000.0700001.050000Utility Tax Service LLC
Melissa City (CML)DP, FR, OV65$0 $30,000 $30,000 0.4310310.1371260.568157Collin County Tax Office
Melissa ISD (SML)DP, HS, OV65$25,000$10,000Yes$10,000Yes0.9603000.5000001.460300Collin County Tax Office
Murphy City (CMR)DP, FR, GIT, OV65$0 $50,000 $50,000 0.3101850.1848150.495000Collin County Tax Office
Nevada City (CNV)FR, GIT, OV65$0 $10,000 $0  0.2660840.0000000.266084Collin County Tax Office
New Hope Town (CNH)DP, FR, GIT, OV65$0 $50,000 $50,000 0.2331130.0000000.233113Collin County Tax Office
Parker City (CPK)FR, GIT, OV65$0 $50,000 $0  0.3318700.0341140.365984Collin County Tax Office
Plano City (CPL)DP, FR, HS, OV6520.00% ($5,000 min)$40,000Yes$40,000Yes0.3330000.1135000.446500Collin County Tax Office
Plano ISD (SPL)DP, FR, HS, OV65$25,000$10,000Yes$10,000Yes1.0517500.2690001.320750Collin County Tax Office
Princeton City (CPN)DP, FR, OV65$0 $25,000Yes$25,000Yes0.3773150.2252340.602549Collin County Tax Office
Princeton ISD (SPN)DP, FR, GIT, HS, OV65$25,000$10,000Yes$10,000Yes0.9603000.5000001.460300Collin County Tax Office
Prosper ISD (SPR)DP, FR, GIT, HS, OV65$25,000$10,000Yes$10,000Yes0.9603000.5000001.460300Collin County Tax Office
Prosper Town (CPR)DP, FR, HS, OV6510.00% ($5,000 min)$10,000Yes$3,000Yes0.3280000.1820000.510000Collin County Tax Office
Richardson City (CRC)DP, OV65$0 $100,000 $100,000 0.3772100.2379500.615160Collin County Tax Office
Rockwall ISD (SRW)DP, FR, HS, OV65$25,000$30,000Yes$10,000Yes0.9036000.3700001.273600Rockwall Central Appraisal District
Royse City (CRY)DP, OV65$0 $6,000Yes$5,000 0.4060000.2155000.621500Rockwall Central Appraisal District
Royse City ISD (SRY)DP, FR, HS, OV65$25,000$25,000Yes$10,000Yes0.9603000.5000001.460300Rockwall Central Appraisal District
Sachse City (CSA)DP, OV65$0 $50,000Yes$50,000Yes0.5065270.1942070.700734Collin County Tax Office
Seis Lagos Utility Dist (WSE)DP, GIT, HS, OV6520.00% ($5,000 min)$25,000 $25,000 0.2748800.0059090.280789Collin County Tax Office
St Paul Town (CSP)FR, GIT, OV65$0 $50,000 $0  0.2659730.0000000.265973Collin County Tax Office
Trenton ISD (STR)DP, HS, OV65$25,000$10,000Yes$10,000Yes0.9603000.1800001.140300Fannin Central Appraisal District
Van Alstyne City (CVA)DP, FR, OV65$0 $5,000Yes$0 Yes0.4735440.0901690.563713Grayson County Tax Office
Van Alstyne ISD (SVA)DP, FR, GIT, HS, OV65$25,000$10,000Yes$10,000Yes0.9279000.5000001.427900Grayson County Tax Office
Van Alstyne MUD #2 (WVAM2)FR, GIT$0 $0  $0  1.0000000.0000001.000000Collin County Tax Office
Weston City (CWS)DP, FR, OV65$0 $20,000Yes$20,000Yes0.2950000.0000000.295000Collin County Tax Office
Whitewright ISD (SWH)DP, HS, OV65$25,000$10,000Yes$10,000Yes0.9603000.1513001.111600Grayson County Tax Office
Wylie City (CWY)DP, OV65$0 $30,000Yes$30,000Yes0.4918640.1518870.643751Collin County Tax Office
Wylie ISD (SWY)DP, FR, HS, OV65$25,000$10,000Yes$10,000Yes0.9898000.4700001.459800Collin County Tax Office


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