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Site Overview

What has changed?

The site has a new look and things have been moved around, but everything that was available on our old site -- and more -- is available on our new site.

The most radical changes to the site are visible from our front page, and within the Property Search and Interactive Maps sections of the site.

Changes to the front page

  • The front page will see an increase in update frequency.
  • Upcoming scheduled holiday and emergency weather closings will be prominently displayed at the top of the front page.
  • Seasonally-relevant, informative articles will be directly accessible from the front page.

Changes to the Property Search

  • Property data on our old website was updated in batches, once per week. With the new site, we're perpetually-updating property data.
  • The ability to search across the current-year's data and historical data.
  • Our new Property Search provides 10 additional fields and several new filters, allowing complex searches across multiple fields to help narrow down your search results.
  • The new Property Search has an Export to Spreadsheet feature that allows you to generate an Excel spreadsheet (Excel 2007/2010 format) of your search's results.

Changes to the Interactive Maps

  • Additional layer availability.
  • Toggle-able aerials imagery.
  • Improved symbology.
  • Regularly-updated feature data.

Other changes and new features

  • Availability of Appraisal Data Exports.
  • Availability of GIS Downloads.
  • Easy file navigation and descriptive information regarding each download.
New help resources: Frequently Asked Questions and Helpdesk
  • With our new FAQ system, you can look for answers to commonly asked questions regarding appraisals and exemptions.
  • Our new Helpdesk allows you to report technical issues with this site to the Collin Central Appraisal District's Information Systems & Technology department. Our goal is to constantly improve this site based on your feedback.